Mirrors ( MNG )

Mirror (Mirox MNGE) consists of a sheet of float glass, a silver-based reflective layer and a double coat of protective lead-free paint (<0.2%).
The mirror does not contain any layer of copper.  The mirror is manufactured according to the EN 1036 norm, to be demonstrated by a conformity certificate.

Technical Specifications

Humidity resistance
Mirox MNGE is able to resist normal humid environments.  Normal humid environments are places like bathrooms, kitchens that are properly ventilated.
Direct contact with water on the paint side or with the edges must always be prevented.  When cleaning the mirror, the edges must always be dried properly and quickly.  Extreme environments where the humidity is permanent and important like swimming-pools, saunas are not recommended.  The Duplex mirror has been designed for such extreme applications.

Temperature resistance
Mirox MNGE can resist normal in-house temperature conditions.  Both  Mirox MNGE and Mirox Safe can resist up to 80C.