Intermac - Cutting Machine Genius 61 CT

Genius 61 CT is the machine that redefines the standards of CNC cutting tables used for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass sheets – for half sheet format. The constant attention paid by Intermac to the customers needs throughout the world, has resulted in the introduction of some revolutionary innovations: the machine is controlled by a standard commercially available PC through a Windows interface, guaranteeing full connectivity and greater simplicity of use by the operator. Genius 37 CT is a versatile and modular cutting table that can be configured according to the customer’s specific requirements in order to satisfy the needs of the individual craftsman and the medium/large company.

Ground worktable

The machine bed is made by a rigid frame onto which calibrated wooden panels are fitted in order to guarantee a high grade of flatness of the working area that is necessary to obtain the best results from the glass cutting or break-off operations

Operating head

Genius 61 CT are equipped with a hi-tech operating head fitted with an automatic cutting pressure control system. This mechanism controls the pressure of the cutting wheel from the very beginning to the end of the cut, automatically adjusting the pressure according to the geometry of the cutting path. The PC controlled axis speed and the high quality of all the electronic and mechanical components allow the optimisation of the cutting time, thus guaranteeing flexibility and continuity of operation.

Control machine

The Genius 61 also incorporates something completely new in the field of cutting tables: the IWNC numerical control integrated in a commercial personal computer operating a Windows interface. The advantages of this solution are evident and introduce a new standard in the design of this type of machine. The use of a PC with Windows operating system is extremely simple and intuitive for the operator and provides full connectivity with commercially available network systems and optical/magnetic supports. The PC is supplied complete with CD-ROM drive, 3,5" modem and network card, 15” colour monitor and Windows XP operating system. The PC modem and teleservice software.

enable remote diagnostics and software updating/modification through the use of a telephone line. It’s possible to connect a webcam to the PC, to save and transmit in real time instant images of some details of the machine to the Service Department