Bottero - Flat Glass Cutting Machine 352 LMT EVO

Technical description

  • Structure made up of electro-welded steel tubular pipes, protected by two layers of paint: rust-prevention and coloured enamel.
  • Accurately flat and wool felt padded wooden table surface to ensure maximum air cushion performance.
  • Powerful air cushion system with two fans in order to create the “air cushion” between the table and the glass. As a consequence, the friction is drastically reduced and all glass handling operations can be easily carried out.
  • Possibility of implementing any complex cutting scheme including straight cuts and shape cuts with LOW-E grinding option.
  • Aluminium alloy cutting bridge placed in transversal position on the machine with two independent motors controlled by electric axis (Gantry). Motors splined on pinions with rack facing downwards to prevent the deposit of impurities between the teeth.
  • It is possible to adjust the cutting parameters directly from the keyboard and memorise the parameters by linking them to the type of glass. This makes the approach to the machine simple and intuitive.
  • The electronic control of all the parameters (pressure, speed, cutting acceleration, oil quantity on cut, head descent time, beginning of cut head pressure delta) is constantly ensured by the machine control program. In this way the cutting quality is excellent and constant, which also means a good glass breakout quality.
  • Special solenoid valve for lubrication control, located close to the cutting wheel, suitable for high evaporating oils used in LOW-E glass manufacture.
  • Lubrication cutting system with flow concentrated on the score.
  • Cutting head safety devices:
    1. Linear encoder on "Z" axis for glass detection.
    2. Collapsible cutting head element, easily replaceable. In case of accidental impact it avoids the stress on the carriage and the bridge.
  • Special device to limit the cutting head upstroke depending on the glass thickness and to reduce the overall cycle time.
  • Adjusting of cutting pressure through operator Interface.
  • Control panel with personal computer, power logic, drivers and safety logic.
  • In the tilting version the working table is tilted by two hydraulic cylinders in order to ease the manual glass loading at the tilting angle of 80°.
  • Besides, the tilting version is equipped with pneumatically activated glass sheet loading lugs with “dead centre” cam wheels and pneumatic solenoid valve with bistable logic (without consent the valve does not move).
  • The working table edges are made of solid wood to enable the glass manual breakout.
  • Retractable dashboard edge barriers.
  • Series of pneumatically activated breakout bars inserted in the working table with pedal commands located close to the relevant bar.
  • Head holder carriage activated by direct drive motor on precision racks.
  • Simple and intuitive man-machine dialogue thanks to a software interface which takes into account all glassmaker’s requirements (Windows Vista operating System).
  • In the data input phase as well as in all machine operative functions the operator is guided step-by-step by the software, which helps him detecting any possible errors.
  • Among the standard functions: "ShapeScanner", "ScanCad", On Board optimisation software.