PolyCarbonate Sheets


PolyCarbonate Sheets is a flat UV and abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheet, delivering a powerful combination of physical properties. PolyCarbonate Sheets excels in resisting vandalism, graffiti spraying and physical attack. The sheet is also more resistant to a wider variety of chemicals and the increased wear and tear of high traffic areas. PolyCarbonate Sheets can also be glass-laminated for ballistic application purposes.

Features and Benefits

Abrasion Resistant on one or both sides
Resistance to acts of vandalism
Graffiti sprays easily cleaned
Resistant to scratches and chemicals
Impact Resistant - Virtually unbreakable
Up to 90% light transmission
Provides excellent acoustical insulation
UV protection - better than sunscreens
Easy to mount and install

Typical Applications

Safety glazing
Security and ballistic resistant glazing
Anti-vandal glazing
Prison windows
Acoustic barriers
Industrial protective shielding
Bus stop and telephone booth glazing
Protective shields for police or security forces
Protective helmet visors

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